Why Become a Foundation Donor

The Foundation provides a wide array of services to assist donors in accomplishing their charitable objectives. We work with donors to develop customized giving arrangements, which can benefit the donor and the donor’s family, as well as the charities that they care about. Here are some key advantages of this unique approach to philanthropy:

Funds established at the Foundation can channel gifts to multiple beneficiaries, including both Jewish and non-Jewish charities. Foundation funds can be established during a donor’s lifetime with a modest initial contribution and added to periodically. The Foundation is equipped to handle complex deferred giving arrangements, such as charitable trusts, under which donors retain benefits during their lifetimes while providing for endowments to be funded upon their deaths.

The Foundation specializes in planned giving techniques, which often result in significant income, gift and estate tax savings. Giving through the Foundation is a cost-effective alternative to private family foundations since we are not subject to the deduction limitations; excise taxes, regulatory burdens and annual expenses imposed on private foundations.

All Foundation funds and individual gift transactions are held in the strictest confidence.

Just as a wise investor will look for ways to maximize the return on an investment, a wise donor will take advantage of tax incentives specifically designed to encourage charitable contributions. Such incentives often enable a donor to make a larger gift at no additional, or even a reduced, out-of-pocket expense. Many planned giving opportunities enhance a donor’s financial security for themselves and their families and simultaneously provide a substantial commitment to strengthening the future of the community.

At the Foundation we are available to answer questions regarding the timing of your gift, and the charitable needs of our community. We understand and help donors meet their highly individual circumstances and considerations.

We invite you to fill out the online form below, so that we may provide you with an illustration of the benefits of planned giving. This service is available to you in the hope that exploring your options and remembering the Foundation during your lifetime or in a bequest provides you with the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference.

Help us help our community. Give today.