Special Funds

Special Funds

Jewish Foundation for Aging Communities

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus have entered into a partnership to create and operate the Jewish Foundation for Aging Communities. This special foundation was established out of the realization that our community is not expanding, yet our aging problem is getting larger and more complex. This initiative seeks to enhance our understanding of this major community issue and develop creative ways to respond through the coordination of services, public education and advocacy.

The mission of the Jewish Foundation for Aging Communities is to prepare for and respond to an aging community. Through work with our community partners we identify and address the issues of aging and seek to improve the access to services and the quality of life of our elderly. Through the establishment and support of the following special funds, we will respond to diversified needs of aging in our community:

  • The Scholarship Fund to meet the needs of the poor for housing, medical care and support services.
  • The Essential Programs Fund to support priority projects and services for the elderly.
  • The Corporate Partners Fund to provide opportunities to leverage our experience and insight in services to the elderly to develop improved systems in areas of special interest to corporate partners.
  • The Education Fund to offer community education programs to enhance our understanding of the issues of aging.
  • The Aging Research Fund to conduct specialized research to investigate and expand our knowledge related to aging.
  • The Unmet Needs Fund to provide seed money for projects which cannot be funded within the existing budgets of our service providers.
  • The Facilities Fund to provide for the continuous upgrade and improvement of our community facilities for the housing and care of the elderly.

For additional information about the Jewish Foundation for Aging Communities,
please call the Foundation at (716) 204-1133.


The Compassion Fund

Through the generosity of a small group of donors, the Foundation has established the Compassion Fund. The Compassion Fund provides assistance to individuals and families to help solve acute problems and respond to emergency needs in our local community. Case referrals are made by a rabbi, staff member, or communal professional from our area schools, synagogues, Jewish Family Service and other affiliated agencies. The Advisory Committee of the Compassion Fund confidentially reviews each referral and considers whether to make an emergency grant.

For more information about the Compassion Fund, please contact the Foundation at (716) 204-1133