The Legacies Society

The Legacies Program is an endowment development initiative of the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies. Its purpose is to promote and encourage the creation of permanent endowment funds to insure the continuity of Jewish life. These endowment funds will help sustain our institutions and perpetuate our values.The Legacies Program is a joint undertaking between the Foundation and its local Jewish client agencies, organizations, temples and synagogues. The Foundation serves as the custodian for endowment funds for the Buffalo Jewish community and currently manages assets in excess of $133 million.

How to Create Your Legacy

Both people of substantial and modest means can create lasting legacies at the Foundation by making provisions for endowment gifts during their lifetimes or in their estate plans. Funds can be tailored to individual charitable goals and financial circumstances.Donors can create their own named fund for any gift of $10,000 or more. Such funds can be established with a minimum initial contribution of $1,000 and a commitment to complete funding over a period of time.Endowment commitments may be funded with both current and deferred gifts. The Foundation works with donors and their advisors to arrange gift plans offering significant tax and other financial benefits.

Endowment Opportunities For the Jewish People

  • Funds for Education and Culture to provide for formal and informal Jewish learning and support of cultural arts.
  • Funds for Israel and World Jewry to provide for rescue, resettlement and social services in Israel and in Jewish communities throughout the world.
  • Funds for Judaism to provide support for temples and synagogues and to preserve our religious heritage.

For the Jewish Family

  • Funds for Elderly Adults to provide for health and social services to enhance the quality of life for elderly people.
  • Funds for Children and Youth to provide for scholarships, education, recreation, social needs and Jewish experiences.
  • Funds for Families to provide services for families in need and to strengthen the Jewish family.

For the Jewish Community

  • Community Endowment Funds to provide unrestricted funds for emergencies, opportunities, and changing community needs.
  • Funds for Capital Development to provide for the development and maintenance of community buildings and facilities.
  • Funds for Community Development to provide for resource development, planning, community relations and leadership development.

The Legacies Society

In order to recognize those individuals and families who have created significant, permanent endowment funds, the Foundation has established the Legacies Society. Qualifying gifts include funded trusts and endowments managed by the Foundation, where principal is to be held intact and income is to be distributed for charitable purposes. Legacies gifts may be made to the Foundation or to any one or more of the Foundation’s participating agencies. Members of the Legacies Society have demonstrated visionary leadership and through their legacies, have expressed a meaningful commitment to the future of the Buffalo Jewish community.

Please consider joining this growing group of endowment donors.

For further information and a confidential consultation, call:

Irv Levy, CPA
Executive Director
(716) 204-1133